Sentinel-2B launched on March 7th

02 March 2017
On 7 March 2017,Sentinel-2B will be launched by a Vega rocket from Europe’s Spaceport, French Guiana .

It will join its sister satellite Sentinel-2A and the other Sentinels part of the Copernicus programme, the most ambitious Earth observation programme to date.

Sentinel-2A and 2B will be supplying ‘colour vision’ for Copernicus and together they can cover all land surfaces once every 5 days thus optimising global coverage and the data delivery for numerous applications.

The system is developed by CS ROMANIA and for the agricultural domain, Senti nel-2 for Agriculture aims to show the benefits of the Sentinel -2 mission across a range of crops and agricultural practices.

ESA is currently working with the European Commission and National stakeholders to understand the full range of opportunities Earth Observation can contribute in particular to modernize and simplify the Common Agricultural Policy.

This video shows how agriculture benefits from the use of the Sentinel data in the Czech Republic.