The new Spacebus Neo product line is optimized to carry state-of-the-art high-power payloads and will use advanced thermal control techniques for efficient heat removal.

It will be powered through a new solar array with last-generation European solar cells and battery and an advanced power distribution system.

Spacebus Neo product line is aiming at significant cost reduction for in-orbit data capacity achieved through:

  • Full electric propulsion for both orbit raising and station keeping,
  • Reduced time for assembly, integration and testing thanks to modular design,
  • Easier payload accommodation for a large range of payloads,
  • Compatibility with Ariane, Proton and Falcon launcher families.

Thales Alenia Space (TAS) (France) is the prime contractor for Spacebus Neo and awarded CS ROMANIA in 2016 as Prime Contractor for the implementation of the Flight Dynamics Software (FDS) for the NEOSAT programme.

The FDS is in charge to control in orbit geostationary operational satellites covering OOC (On Orbit Control), longitude relocation and end-of-life disposal periods.

The FDS is mainly responsible for:

  • Orbit determination,
  • Orbit propagation,
  • Orbital events prediction (e.g. eclipses, interferences, …),
  • Ground antenna pointing,
  • Maneuver strategy for station keeping, repositioning and de-orbiting,
  • Maneuver commands generation,
  • Maneuver performance estimation,
  • On board orbit propagator initialization