CS ROMANIA is happy to annouce its involvement in a new and exciting project for the European Space Agency: Sen4CAP – Sentinels for Common Agriculture Policy.

Why is this important?

The current legal framework of the CAP (Common Agriculture Policy) from 2013 will be reformed by 2020 in order to modernize and simplify the CAP. In this upcoming CAP2020 reform, satellite Earth Observation (EO) is seen to take an increasing role for improving the IACS (Integrated Administration and Control System) and making it more cost efficient. This is a debate of more than agricultural interest. It affects the environment, climate change, food quality and food supplies, trade and developing countries, as well as rural communities.

Sen4CAP’s main objectives are:

  • To identify and specify EO products and services suitable to increase the efficiency, tracebility as well as reducing the costs of the IACS
  • To demonstrate and validate the developed agricultural EO products up to national scale
  • To provide to the European and national stakeholders of the CAP validated algorithms, products, workflows and best practices for agriculture monitoring relevant for the management of the CAP.

CS ROMANIA’s involvement in the project consists of system design, software development and implementation of image processing chains and products generation.

For more information on Sen4CAP please go here.

For more information on CAP2020 plese go here.

Sen4CAP, new project for the European Space Agency