Our expertise in mission-critical systems makes us a preferred partner in a number of major economic sectors, in particular space, aeronautics, energy & industry and transportation.

The services offered by CS GROUP – ROMANIA span the entire value chain and our differentiated market positioning is based on the four main assets of the company:

  • Twofold expertise: technical information systems and customer business
  • An integrated offering: requirements gathering, analysis, prototyping, design, development, testing, integration commissioning, maintenance and support
  • A powerful source of innovation and ideas to ensure the success of strategic projects
  • The ability to engineer and integrate complex and sensitive systems.

CS GROUP – ROMANIA is now a trusted partner recognized by major clients for its expertise, commitment and service quality.


CS GROUP – ROMANIA is a software services company, member of CS GROUP, a SOPRA STERIA company, a leading technology group specialized in software development services and software product development.


Our solutions focus primarily on five main industries, creating an extensive set of knowledge that is easily expandable to others.


Each business unit within the company has its own distinct market and skills areas but there is also significant overlap in the services they offer and it is hoped that a lot can be gained by pooling resources and sharing good practices.


Our skills and experience in working with companies from different industries are valuable resources in understanding our client’s requirements and providing an entire suit of services.


Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience in the Energy sector, including long-term relationships with customers.


Our employees are our single most valuable strength. That’s why we feel it’s natural to do everything we can to see you through the recruitment phase.