Our strong technical expertise, using the most advanced technology in the market, working with experienced professionals enable us to develop, support and use simulation systems.

CS ROMANIA has experience in designing simulators used for real time I/O simulation for industrial processes, during the unit and integration tests of command and control systems.

We provide simulation services for clients across a broad range of industries, including aeronautics and energy:

  • Using simulations tools for cockpit display unit in aeronautics
  • Developing simulators intended to develop and test the automation systems implemented with electronic equipment, PLC automation systems or PC, for hydro-energetic systems
  • A web service client simulator – a web-based application providing services for testing a wide range of web services
  • SCADA system simulator
  • Developing a simulator used in pre-production environment for testing the robustness, the reliability, the performance and the response time of the application.

Our simulation services give our customers and end-users added confidence that our products will operate at high standards of performance offering us a leading position in the simulation market place.