While satellites provide remotely sensed data and constitute the Space Segment, it is the Ground Segment that gathers, processes and disseminates these data. The Ground Segment relies on vast and complex IT infrastructures, most often with data centers all over the world, that run complex processing chains (usually on tens to hundreds nodes).

Monitoring the data transformation through such systems may not be a trivial task. This is what we tried to address in the frame of the “End-to-End Monitoring” project.

Furthermore, changes in mission planning and configuration have to be simulated and tested before actually applied to operational satellites. Many missions may put pressure on a limited set of ground equipment for tests if a proper scheduling of resources is not in place.

This is solved by the system that we developed in the “MUSEG – Multi-mission, User oriented, end-to-end Scheduling Environment for testing resources of Ground Segment Reference Facility” project.