Flight Display System consists of primary flight displays (PFD), multi-function displays (MFD) and Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) displays. The systems are used to show flight and navigation data.

The PFD displays all information critical to flight, including calibrated airspeed, altitude, heading, attitude, vertical speed and yaw. The PFD is designed to improve a pilot’s situational awareness by integrating this information into a single display instead of six different analog instruments, reducing the amount of time necessary to monitor the instruments.

The MFD displays navigational and weather information from multiple systems. MFDs are most frequently designed as “chart-centric”, where the aircrew can overlay different information over a map or chart.

The EICAS displays information about the aircraft’s systems, including its fuel, electrical and propulsion systems (engines). EICAS improves situational awareness by allowing the aircrew to view complex information in a graphical format and also by alerting the crew to unusual or hazardous situations.

CS GROUP – ROMANIA was involved in the development and validation of FDS software for a renowned helicopter cockpit supplier.