Historically, the CS GROUP had a strong presence in the transportation business through its dedicated business unit and still has through its subsidiary Diginext. CS GROUP – ROMANIA was involved in landmark projects of the group, provisioning services with a very high added value. In addition to participating to the efforts of the group in several software solutions for highway tolling systems, CS GROUP – ROMANIA delivered solutions for the railroad transportation business, partnering with one of the most reputed equipment provider.

The operations in the transportation industry are also highly critical, and the integration of different modules demands high regulatory standards like SIL – Safety Integration Level. CS GROUP – ROMANIA’s solutions satisfied all the regulatory levels SIL 1-4C.

As there is no room for errors, our services are reliable, precise, optimize maintenance cost and simplify data analysis. The fail-safe solutions provided cover the requirements of pretentious worldwide clients.


Public Transport

CS GROUP - ROMANIA’s Public Transport branch provides software development and testing services for the systems management of passenger traffic.

Toll Collection Systems

ETC is a technology that allows for electronic payment of tolls and s fast becoming a globally accepted method of toll collection, a trend greatly aided by the growth of inter-operable ETC technologies.

Data and multimedia communication

CS GROUP - ROMANIA was and is involved in developing applications using and implementing various data communication protocols on PC, PLC and embedded platforms.

Event recorders tachymetry and odometry systems

In collaboration with French company Im’Info, CS GROUP - ROMANIA developed a new “SAM” application for Faiveley Transport.

Video surveillance

CS GROUP - ROMANIA made various developments for video surveillance applications for transportation systems (trains, trams, buses, etc) based on PC platforms...

Reference Projects:


Client References:

  • Faiveley Transport
  • Sanef ITS Technologies