Energy trading has been a major part of our energy practice.

CS GROUP – ROMANIA’s Energy Offer application allows the elaboration of a functioning and system services program for the next day, based upon the existing contracts, the availability of units and other restrictions or forecasts. This program is permanently reshaped during the day in order to cover the load curve (to ensure that all the amount produced/bought is sold/consumed), the differences being transacted on the Day Ahead Market (DAM) run by OPCOM and on the Balance Market run by Transelectrica. The final functioning program (physical notifications) and the availability of units are also sent to OPCOM, which is the regulator of the Romanian wholesale electric energy market. The communication with the transaction platforms of the market regulators (OPCOM, Transelectrica) is done through XML files. A separate module of the application (Invoicing) ensures the automatic invoicing of the electric energy and system services transacted on DAM.