CS GROUP – ROMANIA has proved its technique abilities using cutting-edge technologies and has designed and implemented industry-specific projects based on SCADA & DCS solutions.

With more than 26 years of experience, CS GROUP – ROMANIA has a well-established history in creating and implementing many SCADA systems for the monitoring and telecontrol of compact hydro plants, EMS – HPMS SCADA systems in hydro plants, interconnections of various command and control systems, SCADA systems for various industrial processes.

CS GROUP – ROMANIA offers high-level professional services such as:

  • Design of applications and systems
  • Development
  • Design and production of specialized cubicles
  • Tests and simulation
  • Systems integration
  • Systems deployment
  • Maintenance


  • SCADA and Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Control Centre systems
  • Systems Integration at the Plant and Enterprise Level
  • Software applications for third party SCADA and DCS systems

We know the particular needs of the industry and the importance of providing a highly reliable, flexible and robust SCADA & DCS solutions in a cost-effective manner.