The gap between product conceptualization and realization is a complex process. CS ROMANIA offers customized software development by using a number of flexible delivery models. We provide a full solution including project documentation, training and support in a quality-driven and customer-driven transparent process. All of the services we provide are focused on driving innovation and expansion for our clients while reducing overall costs. With proven quality processes and in-depth domain expertise in a variety of industries, we are an effective partner for your strategic outsourcing needs.

As an offshore center, CS ROMANIA has been involved in the maintenance and enhancement of multiple applications for the Telecom domain.

Among the services provided for the Telecom industry are:

  • Maintenance of third party applications
  • Invoicing applications
  • Customer support applications
  • Development and implementation of test scenarios for third party applications
  • Integration of third party applications.


Reference Projects:


Client References:

  • BT Services
  • Convera
  • CS Communication & Systèmes.