Although Romania only became an ESA member at the end of 2011, CS GROUP – ROMANIA entered in Space business earlier, participating on collocated activities in France for CNES projects (related to JASON 2 satellite mission) and EUROCONTROL projects, sponsored by ESA.

Our activities relate to software development services in fields such as image processing or flight dynamics, in accordance with ECSS-E-ST-40C and ECSS-Q-ST-80C standards.

Currently, CS GROUP – ROMANIA is involved in several ESA projects either as a prime contractor or as a part of various consortia. The most notable domains in which we were or are involved are:


Earth Observation

In the field of Earth Observation, in the frame of Copernicus programme, CS GROUP - ROMANIA is involved mainly in image processing related software developments and support.

Flight Dynamics

Flight dynamics is the science of spacecraft performance, stability and control, requiring an analysis of the six degrees of freedom of the spacecraft flight.

Scientific Missions

Scientific missions focus on understanding and studying phenomena that cannot be otherwise analyzed on Earth.

Onboard Software

It runs as an isolated and independent software that controls equipment such as sensors, propulsion, power system, etc.

IT Infrastructure

While satellites provide remotely sensed data and constitute the Space Segment, it is the Ground Segment that gathers, processes and disseminates these data.

Electrical Ground Support Equipment

EGSE is a test equipment (hardware + software) which allows a satellite provider to integrate and validate the electrical functions of the spacecraft and its sub-systems.


Navigation or, more specifically, Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC), deals with the systems controlling the movement of vehicles (automobiles, ships, aircrafts, spacecrafts).

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