CS GROUP РROMANIA’s Public Transport branch provides software development and testing services for the systems management of passenger traffic. Intermodal transport (the use of several types of means of transport) is a solution for ensuring passenger mobility, in the context of developing and maintaining activity in large cities. The need to have real-time information, such as arrival times, passenger information messages regarding route conditions and transport times tables, is a key element in the dynamics of the implementation of these systems.

In collaboration with Diginext, a CS GROUP, CS GROUP – ROMANIA has contributed to the development and testing of MobilitX, an application system that aims to provide innovative services responding to the current industry needs to both passengers and transport operators:

  • Passenger Information Management Center
  • Timetables management and transport scenarios
  • Crisis situations management (trip interruptions, line breaks, supplementation or reduction of transport means along the routes)
  • Dispatching the real-time data stream from multiple operators and types of transport means (bus, tram, subway)
  • Template and scenario management for multimedia messages provided in the information network (displays in stations and means of transport, mobile devices, websites)
  • Interconnection with the various systems that have implemented public transport standards: Transmodel IFOPT, SIRI, NeTEX, NEPTUNE, GTFS.