RexSys is a package of applications targeted to industrial domains, such as energy production, nuclear activities, mining, drinking water distribution or chemical industry. The runtime component of the system can be executed both on industrial or general-purpose PCs and dedicated RTU/PLC equipments, interconnected via heterogeneous communication media (LAN, Fieldbus, radio, switching networks, etc.). SCADA applications that are implemented by RexSys are open and can easily interface with third-party DCS/SCADA applications and RTU/PLC equipments.

The Challenge

Usually, in an industrial process there are many vendors which offer data for visualization and decisions. It can be very hard to manage and process all these data if they aren’t somehow interconnected and centralized.

The Solution

RexSys comes to solve this kind of problem giving the following solution:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Communications
  • Process Control
  • Process Connectivity
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Visualization
  • Online Data Archiving
  • Offline Data Analysis

RexSys implements the following interconnectivity protocols:

  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • IEC 60870-5-101
  • OPC
  • Modbus
  • SQL Connector
  • DDE
  • GSM
  • Siemens S7400 series
  • ABB RP 570
Client’s Benefits
  • A single tool which provides process control, process visualization, process analyses
  • An open and scalable system for futures extensions
  • A single data source for ERP / MES systems
  • Increase the industrial process traceability, productivity, optimization and quality
  • Reducing the complexity of an industrial process to a simple approach for an easily exploitation.