The CS GROUP entrusts us the operations of the applicative maintenance for its intranet system, CSNet, a web based system used every day by more than 2000 employees of CS.

Part of the software maintenance of this system, we offered adequate solutions for CSNet, such as:

  • Analysis and reverse engineering of the existing system, using reverse engineering and UML tools (Rational Rose UML)
  • Conception and management of technical specifications for the enterprise applications (system requirements specifications, conception documents, administration and exploitation documents, user manuals)
  • Applicative, corrective and preventive maintenance of the intranet system, the treatment of the implementation’s errors
  • Impact analysis of software evolutions, creation of technical specifications and development of future evolutions of the system
  • Re-implementation of the basic kernel of the system, using the newest web technologies
  • Analysis and integration of open source workflow and groupware third-party tools in the intranet system
  • Improvement of the functional coherence of the enterprise applications and development of new functionalities.