SEOM (Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions) is a program element within the fourth period (2013-2017) of ESA’s Earth Observation Envelope Programme (referred as EOEP-4). For more information on SEOM see here.

The objectives of the SEOM element are to:

  • Federate, support and expand the international research community built up over the last 20 years (ERS, Envisat,
  • Strengthen the leadership of European EO research community by enabling them to extensively exploit future
    European operational EO missions
  • Enable the science community to address new scientific research that will be opened by free and open access to data from operational EO missions.

In this context, the Sentinels Toolbox Exploitaiton Platform was built, with several objectives in mind:

  • to foster scientific cooperation on the S2TBX scientific exploitation and evolution, developing new Science 2.0
  • to integrate third party open source scientific processors and algorithms in the SNAP environment;
  • performance optimization and benchmarking for the S2TBX on Cloud infrastructure;
  • preparation of scientific training material (e.g. web videos, on line Tutorials) to be used for practical in the framework of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC);
  • Scientific exploitation of the synergy between S2 and S1/S3 Toolboxes and generation of demonstration products;
  • Support to the scientific exploitation of S2 with the S2TBX (e.g. demo image products, country mosaics, etc.);
  • Maintenance and support the operation of STEP (2.0 functionalities)