The “Sentinel-2 for Agriculture Monitoring” project is aimed at developing, demonstrating and facilitating the Sentinel-2 satellite time series contribution to the satellite EO component of the agriculture monitoring for many agricultural systems distributed all over the world. The overall objective is to provide to the international user community validated algorithms to derive EO products relevant for crop monitoring, open source software and best practices to process Sentinel-2 data in an operational manner for major worldwide representative agriculture systems. In the context of the Data User Element (DUE) programme, a user-oriented approach will drive the entire project in order to address concrete user needs and requirements and to develop the ownership of operational users around the world.

The project delivers a core of processing strategies combining advanced algorithms to produce four types of EO agriculture products and able to deal with the large range of agricultural landscapes observed around the world. It is based on an open source and portable solution derived from Orfeo Toolbox to convert the Sentinel-2 L1c data into cloud free multispectral surface reflectance mosaic and to relevant EO products thanks to the efficient implementation of the processing strategies.

CS GROUP – ROMANIA is responsible for the software development of the whole processing chains, and also for the local and national data production.
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