OrbiPro is an accurate orbital propagator which takes into account the effect of various perturbations. It was implemented as a MATLAB toolbox during the 3rd Call for outline proposals under the Romanian Industry Incentive Scheme. It offers to the user the possibility of performing propagations for a spacecraft orbiting Earth or all other major bodies of the Solar System, while taking into account a large variety of perturbations:

  • Central gravity acceleration (up to a user-defined order of the spherical harmonics),
  • Tides (solid Earth tides, ocean tides, permanent tide, polar tides),
  • Third body gravity force (for all meaningful solar system bodies),
  • Atmospheric drag forces (taking spacecraft attitude into account),
  • Solar radiation pressure force (taking into account the spacecraft attitude, the distance from the Sun and the shadowing effects),
  • Planetary albedo and infrared radiation,
  • Forces induced by maneuvers (impulsive and constant thrust).