The End-to-End Monitoring and Reporting project defines the monitoring and reporting requirements for the generic end-to-end chain, i.e. covering all the Payload Data Ground System (PDGS) services, putting special care into the Multi Mission Facility Infrastructure. The requirements identified within this project represent the baseline for a unified monitoring and reporting mechanism of the PDGS Services. On one hand, the project aims addressing monitoring needs, in order to obtain more in-depth information about the current status of the system and assure a short reaction time in case of non-routine operations (i.e. contingencies). On the other hand, reporting on the status of the systems over a longer time interval is important, in order to assess the trends and the evolution over time (e.g. slow degradation of system’s performance can be detected).

CS GROUP – ROMANIA realized following activities:

  • A market research of the monitoring applications, based on 34 assessment criteria provided by CGI. For this action 13 products (free open-source and COTS) were assessed, based on public sources found on their web sites (datasheets, brochures, manuals, video presentations, demos, etc.). Freely available market benchmarks from Gartner, Forrester or IDC were also consulted, all having generic or specific assessment criteria for the analyzed products, with pros and cons that were taken into consideration.
  • Based on the scoring computed after the assessment of their capabilities, three tools were selected for a detailed analysis stage (one by category: low level monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring and Business Intelligence)
  • A detailed analysis was done for the 3 selected tools, together with Statrep (as BI and statistical tool already integrated in the ESA PDGS infrastructure), to determine the feasibility of the user requirements and to assess how the requirements might be satisfied
  • On the third phase a gap analysis was done for Splunk monitoring tool (using some PDGS generic log files provided by CGI from CAR (Check And Release) and PFM (Processing Facility Management) modules), in order to see if it can be performed a monitoring of a chain of product processing and extract some statistics.