The developed software is part of CAITM (« Contrôle Automatisé des Interdistances en Tunnel Monovoie »). This is a union of systems and organizational rules that allows to automatically identify a vehicle carrying out an infringement, sending the identification data altogether with the proof of this infringement to the authorities in role.

Today, the automated control is envisioned for the following infringements:

  • Breaking the speed limit
  • Disrespect of the distance between vehicles (Inter distances)
  • Disrespect of the traffic light
  • Disrespect of the dynamic indication of the level crossings
  • Disrespect of the driving restriction or of the parking in the corridors reserved for the buses

The software is capable of retrieving the distance (or the time) between vehicles, of displaying the measurement data, and, if there is the case, to detect any infringement and to apply the control and ticketing procedures.