The Research and User Support (RUS) Service developed and operated by a consortium led by CS SI is a response to a call made in 2016 by the European Commission that aims to develop an on-line free-access platform to promote the uptake of Copernicus data and support the scaling up of R&D activities.

The main objectives of the RUS Service are:

  • to promote the uptake of Copernicus data
  • to support the scaling up of R&D activities with Copernicus data.

The RUS (Research and User Support) service is part of this process and aims to familiarize users with the processing and exploitation of Sentinel satellite data, by providing them with development support.

Developed by space teams from CS France and CS ROMANIA, this project provides the necessary tools for the analysis, exploitation and processing of Copernicus data to the scientific community, institutions and SMEs. In the frame of RUS, CS ROMANIA mainly focuses its contribution on the setting up and the implementation of the RUS portal enabling the users to access and manage the different components of the offered service.
CS and its partners also offer training and support services to users in both technical and thematic areas.

For more information regading the RUS portal (Who can use it? How does is work? etc.) plese go here.

CS opens the public service RUS (Research & User Support for Copernicus core product)