CS ROMANIA participated at the International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics (ISSFD), which was held in Munich, Germany, from 19 to 23 October 2015.

The ISSFD is a series of symposia sponsored by various space agencies, including APL, CNES, DLR, ESA, INPE, JAXA, KIAM, NASA/GSFC and NASA/JPL. It is an international forum for specialists in the field of space flight dynamics, with an emphasis on operational and scientific activities.

The 25th Symposium was jointly organized by the German Space Agency’s German Space Operations Center (DLR/GSOC) and the European Space Agency’s European Space Operations Centre (ESA/ESOC).

The results of the Orekit DSST project are presented here.

Please visit the ISSFD 2015 website.

About Orekit library

Orekit is an open-source low level space dynamics library written in Java. It provides basic elements (orbits, dates, attitude, frames) and various algorithms to handle them (conversions, analytical, semi-analytical and numerical propagation, pointing, etc.).

The DSST (Draper Semi-analytical Satellite Theory) orbit and attitude propagator in OREKIT open-source flight dynamics library was implemented in 2013-2015 by CS ROMANIA as Prime Contractor and CS SI as subcontractor, in a project funded by European Space Agency (ESA), as a proposal to ESA ITT A07169 – 1st Call for Outline Proposals under the Romanian Industry Incentive Scheme.

See more about Orekit library here.

Orekit DSST project results at ISSFD 2015