OREKIT the successful open source Flight Dynamics library, has just released its 10.2 version. It welcomes the first contribution of Exotrail for a low thrust maneuver model based on detectors. It also integrates other nice features such as CCSDS ADM files support or Trajectories around Lagrangian point using CR3BP model.
Flight Dynamics suite of software from CS GROUP fully benefit from this new version: ORaaS (Orekit as a Service) and OreFLIDS (Orekit FDS).

CS ROMANIA was involved in the development of OreFLIDS, an FDS product, implemented on a scalable architecture and based on Orekit, which combines a set of plugged-in FDS modules with other components and functionalities that makes it a competitive candidate for a FDS solution to be used in any Satellite Control Center.

For more information on OreFLIDS please go here.

OREKIT has just released its 10.2 version