The Sen2Agri community met at the Food Agriculture Organisation and World Food Programme headquarters to share crop monitoring results with Sentinel-2 over 3 national demonstrations and 9 test sites around the world.

The presentation showcased the first 10m resolution satellite imagery (cloud-free composite, LAI maps, crop masks and crop type maps) at national scale for Ukraine, South Africa and Mali, and at local scale (290km x 290km) for regions from France, Belgium, Morocco, Sudan, Madagascar, China, Bangladesh, Mexico and Czech Republic.
The products were automatically produced by the Sen2-Agri system, which has been developed by the CS ROMANIA team.

We are proud not only to see that this system was well received by ESA but also that the involvement and the support from our team was greatly appreciated by the community.

The system is open source and can be found on Github.
More information about it is available on the project web site.

The final presentation of the Sen2Agri project, successfully held in Rome on 28-29 of June 2017